Auto Rental in Otopeni

Otopeni Airport is an excellent way to find customers and to provide customers with the best car rental services. The Otopeni car rental system operated by our company is a very efficient one, which ensures that the car is handed over and picked up at the airport so that the customer does not take up time with items that should not be. The system is structured and conceived so that the entire transaction of completing and signing forms, handing over the machine and payment will take place in less than 10 minutes, our team removing all bureaucracy generally associated with such transactions or services, also covering all needs customer service and offering an irresistible service that the customer will definitely appreciate.

For a customer who needs and is looking for a car rental system Otopeni airport, Rentacar-Ro is the best solution. We have a fleet of 10 constant cars and many more cars that can be made available with prior reservation, allowing the customer to choose between different types of cars, from small town to field cars, family cars or even freight cars. The cars we provide at Otopeni Airport are new or are excellently maintained, so they will never create problems or failures that could upset the customer or prevent him from solving his problems. He's solving his chores in his journey. For any event, there is a number of non-stop assistance.

Our prices are also the best on the market. This is possible because we understand that prices must be adjusted to the customer's possibilities so as to ensure a continuous flow of satisfied customers and to develop on the basis of this concept. For this reason, the customer who is looking for a cheap Otopeni car rental system will find everything he needs, adapted to his possibilities and his pocket, while also satisfying his wishes regarding the quality and variety of models and car brands offered . Impeccable services at the right price for customer needs is our business goal, which is why we are convinced that any relationship with the customer will become a sustainable and profitable partnership for both parties.

Our team also offers optional services of the most diverse, ensuring your needs are pretentious. Among them, we offer airport transfer services, various optional items such as a child seat, a performance sailing system, a spare driver for the situation where you can not or do not want to drive, all at low prices or even included in the rental price, in depending on the offer that has been sent to us or the availability we have. In addition, the terms and terms of the lease cover the needs of both parties, ensuring a fair partnership, from which the customer will be happy and willing to return to the first occasion when he needs a new Otopeni car rental service again. We are waiting for you, contact us and you will definitely come back.