Auto Rental in Bucharest

A car ride through Bucharest is a walk through the little Paris with various attractions and various architectural parks. For unusual images seen with the car from the Bucharest car rental we can stop in front of the Parliament Palace and then we can run to one of the green parks that the capital offers. Also, if we chose to drive at night, it is best to go directly to the center of the capital, to leave the car parked regularly and to visit Bucharest at night. And if it's night we can only recommend the old center where the heart of fun is found. All of this from the rented car that we provide and which will satisfy any need for both comfort, mobility, or flexibility and driving pleasure.

With the cheap Bucharest rental system, the capital becomes more accessible than usual. Although public transport is increasingly organized, nothing compares with our own exploration of the city according to the program we are doing and behind the wheel, with stops not only on the points of interest or in the praises of tourists who have visited the city, but also exploring what we find interesting or what we see and what interests us to visit, photograph and explore. That's if we are not looking for a relaxation area, a situation where we can head to the northern part of Bucharest to find picnic areas or outdoor outings.

At Rentacar-Ro, I will be able to book a car from the home of your home. Our well-structured car rental system in Bucharest offers you the possibility to book in advance the desired car and not to go through all car rentals, while enjoying more time for your visit and without losing time to choose your car or for the bureaucracy that clients experience everywhere. So at the time of the online transaction, our company will handle all procedures, including the delivery of the car or the transfer of the car so you can go as quickly as possible to your exploration or your hotel.

The team at Rentacar-Ro is very old on the Bucharest car rental market without warranty and here lies the experience we have in the field. That's why we always offer the best offer on the market, including the delivery of the car at the hotel you are staying in, at the airport you land and with the airport-railway transfer or the solution of any situation you are in. When renting without guarantee, we offer you the daily CASCO insurance, which of course adds to the total cost of the rented car, but which is a much safer, cheaper option and that does not even hold money that you can use on your trip blocked with us.